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This is the best TKD school ever. Best instructors and staff, they all make us feel like a part of the Kang’s family. My kids love it and my husband and I have also registered to be a part of the same class with our children. This is the only place that allows families to practice together and that allows us to have quality time together

- Yasmin Swaggerty

Kang’s Taekwondo academy in Brentwood has a wonderful staff. They keep the children engaged in what they are doing. They teach the children respect and that’s one thing that our community is lacking. Keep up the good work. You have made a difference into Ryan’s life and I appreciate it.

- Kitty Brown

Kang's Taekwondo Academy is a great school, My son was diagnosed with ADHD, with the Help of Taekwondo and a change on his diet he is improving his behavior at school and home, I am really happy being a part of Kang's Taekwondo family,is great environment and the instructors are awesome!

- Lupita Camacho

This place is our second home. We have only been here three months but we plan to stay here for a very long time. The staff is amazing. My son has learned so much and improved not only his behavior but his self-confidence and his focus. He's doing something he loves and he's growing as a person while doing it. We love Kang's!

- Jessica Foster

We love Kang's Taekwondo! Our children have been students there for over a year. The teachers are very experienced, and care about the students and their families. My daughter's learn wonderful life-skills which will help them throughout their lives. Respect, discipline, commitment and focus are just a few of the skills they gained thus far. Not only is it a safe and clean environment, my children love it and have a great time every day. You must try it; you won't regret it. Great for all ages.

- Jessica Tillery

We signed up for the 6week trial period. My daughter is 4yo and loves going to class. In this short time, she has gained a higher level of respect and strives to do her best every class. I'm looking forward in making this a commitment for our future!

- Heather Stavert

Best place ever I have been going here for a few months and I love it!  But I need to know how to get the flash cards for belt testing. I need to know this by the end of this day!  Please help me!

- Marven Bonner

Great place, Master Kang and all the instructors are great and care that the students learn.

- Don Fabian

KTA is awesome!  Very welcoming, makes you feel like you belong there!

- Ryan Swaggerty

My daughter has been a student at Kangs for many years. Kangs TKD has helped her not only flourish in the sport but also in other areas in her life, straight A student in school, and yes a lot had to do with the way we raised her, but a lot of credit goes to the life lessons that are taught at Kangs Academy. My daughter started With Master Kang at the age of 4 and earned her black belt at the age of 9 and went on to be a 2x national champ. My daughter has the confidence to walk into any arena, school, public speaking, singing on stage, and playing other sports, with the confidence, respect, honor, and she does it with a " I can do it attitude" she learned at Kangs TKD. She had recently returned to Kangs after a 3yr. Layoff in hopes to go to the Olympics. Only God knows what the future holds for her, but what we do know is, she will be training at Kangs TKD Academy.

- Fred Ramirez

I feel privileged and honored to be part of the Kang’s Taekwondo Academy. My two son’s were gifted with 6 weeks of Taekwondo for Christmas and boy did we luck out, because when I brought them into Orientation, I learned that I received 6 weeks free myself, and we each got a new gi with the Kang’s Logo on the back!

On our first visit here we broke boards and earned our white belt, super cool! The most amazing thing was that bringing them here changed their attitudes at school and at home. Of course they are two rambunctious boys with a lot of energy, so naturally this hones in on making good use of their excess energy, but they also tap into a deeper set of values, respect and discipline. I’m so thankful to have joined this family friendly Academy!

- Quelly Delacruz

Kang's Taekwondo Academy is a wonderful place for kids. We cannot say enough about Master Kang and all the instructors. Every child is encouraged to work hard and set goals for themselves. So often these days’ children are let off the hook for their actions. Kang's sets standards for accountability that all children need. Our daughter has made excellent progress in her attitude at home and at school in just a short amount of time. We love the confidence that is being cultivated in her and the sense of calm that has resulted from her learning better self-control. We look forward to her progressing through her belts and thoroughly enjoy an external source that maintains the same standards we have at home.

- Kristine Witham



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